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Manga: updated 05-15-09

Please read my Rules & Feedback section before posting. Thanks!!

I'm sick of these cluttering up my shelves. ALL MANGA ARE $3! They are all in Great/Near Mint or New condition unless otherwise stated. All funds are to be paid through Paypal or Money order. I ship all manga & anime through media mail for domestic shipping, all international orders are parcel post.

Each purchase comes with a free Polysics or Die double sided poster and sticker.

These are new titles I'm selling for my ex, they're all in like-new condition. I'll be posting pics of them this weekend when I get my new camera. Each title is $3, plus shipping, however I would prefer to sell some of the complete sets together. Each set I'm selling starts with an *. I'd willing to except offers on complete sets.

*Cowboy Bebop Box vol. 1-3 & the anime guide, 1st ed.
*Love Hina vol. 1-14 all 1st eds
*Fruits Basket Collectors Box vol. 1-6
3x3 Eyes vol. 1-8 1st ed
Video Girl Ai vol. 1-7
Marmalade Boy vol. 1
Oh My Goddess vol.1, Terrible Master Urd, Love Potion no.9, Sympathy of the Devil, Leader of the pack & Final Exam.
Shady Lady vol. 2
Saikano vol. 1
Berserk vol. 1-3
Cromartie High vol. 1
Neon Genesis Evangalion vol. 1-6
Nadesico vol. 1&2

Each vol. is $3, most have minor shelf wear.

Titles Include: Angel Sanctuary v. 2,3,4
Arcana v. 1
Battle Royale v. 15
Beck v. 3,5
Bleach v. 3
Broken Angel v. 1 - Bent corner, small crease on cover
Dazzle v. 1
Fruits Basket v. 5
Gravitation v. 1,9
GTO v. 1,2,3
Happy Mania v. 2,3,4
InuYasha Ani-manga v. 1,2,3,5 & reg manga v. 3
Kingdom Hearts v. 4
Les Bijoux v. 4 - mint condition
Loveless v. 1
Princess Ai v. 3
Saiyuki Reload v. 2
Shojo Beat Manga Sampler v. 3
Sokora Refugees v.1 - major shelf wear
ShutterBox v. 1,2
Tarot Cafe, The v. 3,4
Wallflower v. 9
Tags: 3x3 eyes, angel sanctuary, arcana, battle royale, beck, berserk, cowboy bebop, cromartie high, gto, inuyasha, love hina, marmalade boy, nadesico, oh my goddess, princess ai, saikano, saiyuki reload, sale, shady lady, shojo, video girl ai
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